Max Kemman
University of Luxembourg
December 20, 2016

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Doing Digital History: Introduction to Tools and Technology


  • Final assignment
  • About the tools
  • About the assignments
  • Course evaluation
  • Next time
    • Winter School

Final assignment

Did everyone form a group of 3/4 yet?

Any questions about the final assignment

What I still have to do

  • ODS files
  • Palladio
    • Info on how to share and export
  • Carto
    • Info on how to create multiple layers
    • Info on more powerful SQL
    • Ensuring geocodes work with French/German computers
  • Anything else?

What did we learn?

We discussed

  • The preservation of everything
  • Biases
  • Digitisation and digital preservation
  • Big data
  • Correlation
  • Distant & Close reading
  • Hypercontextualisation

About the tools

You have learned to write HTML, CSS, and some even SQL

You have learned to work with Voyant Tools, Google Spreadsheets, StoryMap, Carto, and Palladio

What did you think of all this?

On working with tools

Was it interesting to write differently from a Word document, and try to embed visuals or interactive visualisations?

Which tools did you like? Which ones didn't you like?

On digital methods

What are key take aways from using digital methods as a historian?

What were the main difficulties of doing this?

Would you want to try more of this?

About the assignments

What did you think about the assignments?

What did you think about using 1 corpus, the Clinton emails, for all the assignments?

Averages: 7,2 - 7,3 - 7,4 - 7,7

Course evaluation

Please go to Moodle and take 10 minutes to evaluate the course with the provided form

What is :D or :( or ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Winter School

Skills in Digital Methods

Monday 20 - Friday 24 February

Start Monday at 9:30

Databases for Young Historians

Supported by Leonor Alvarez (Leiden Uni), Pim van Bree, and Geert Kessels (LAB1100)

Requirements: recent version of Firefox or Google Chrome

For next time

10 January (if you want!)

Joint asking questions reporting problems on final assignment class

And of course you can always email me with questions & problems

He's making a database
He's sorting it twice
SELECT * from contacts WHERE
behaviour = 'nice'
SQL Clause is coming to town