Personal data

Since I care a lot about how websites treat my personal data, on this page I will describe how I treat your personal data.

How I protect your personal data

I have taken a number of measures to prevent leaking of personal data from visitors, including:

  • No Google Analytics
  • No social media buttons (Twitter, Facebook)
  • No advertisements
  • Secure connection via HTTPS
  • Self-hosted site

What personal data is processed

This website runs on a self-hosted WordPress instance with a self-hosted user tracker and a number of plugins for additional functionality.

In order to track visits, this page sets a first-party cookie. All data is stored in a self-hosted Matomo database. Personal data such as your IP address, browser and operating system is stored anonymously. If you set Do Not Track in your web browser this is respected. You can remove your data by deselecting the below button. To learn more about Matomo cookies see this page.

In order to store agreement with the placement of cookies and prevent continuous pop-ups, this website sets a first-party cookie. This cookie will be removed after 30 days.

This website furthermore depends on third parties for the following functionality.

The WordPress website and the Matomo database are both hosted by Ikoula.

In order to prevent spam, comments are processed by the third-party plugin Akismet, developed by Automattic. To learn more about how Automattic treats your data see this page.

The fonts used on this website are rendered from Google Fonts. To learn how Google Fonts treats font requests see this page.

In order to serve the website over HTTPS, this website uses a Let’s Encrypt certificate. To learn how Let’s Encrypt treats your personal data to secure connections see this page.

In case you contact me, communications are hosted by third-parties. My GMail account is hosted by Google. My university email is hosted by the University of Luxembourg. In both cases your name, email address, and email contents are stored on the respective servers.

How to protect your personal data

Although I have tried to prevent third-parties from storing personal data as much as possible, visitors can take a number of precautions themselves, including the following.