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Ook het waden door Waddeninformatie is een behoorlijke krachtsinspanning. Opinion article with Hans Laagland in Friesch Dagblad. 1 April 2021.

Founding the Special Interest Group Audio-Visual in Digital Humanities: An Interview with Franciska de Jong, Martijn Kleppe, and Max Kemman. Interview in Digital Humanities Quarterly 15, 1. 2021

Professional communities encourage the reuse of educational resources. Interview in Special Theme edition on the reuse of open educational resources (OER). SURF. 2 March 2021.
Appeared in Dutch as Vakcommunity’s stimuleren hergebruik leermaterialen.


Pitfalls of collaboration – Digital humanities projects show how fields can misunderstand one another. Comment in *Research Europe, issue 494. 4 April 2019
Appeared online as Computer scientists are from Mars, historians are from Venus

Knowledge asymmetry in interdisciplinary collaborations and how to reduce it. Guest contribution for Integration and Implementation Insights blog. 26 February 2019


Digging through the Hillary Clinton Email Archive. Guest contribution for AHA Today. 7 June 2018


Standing on the shoulders of the Google giant: Sustainable discovery and Google Scholar’s comprehensive coverage. Guest contribution for LSE Impact Blog. 19 November 2015

Digital History als trading zone [Digital History as trading zone]. e-data & research 9(3) June 2015, page 3

Nieuwe tools voor Europese data [New tools for European data]. e-data & research 9(2) June 2015, page 6


CLARIN – PoliMedia promo. 1 July 2014
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Europees Parlement doorgelicht [European Parliament examined]. Beeld en Geluid R&D blog 26 February 2014

edata 080214

Eerste prijs voor online tool met linked data [First prize for online tool with linked data]. e-data & research 8(2) February 2014, page 8