Presentation on user requirements in DH at CLARIN Annual Conference 2014

This week from Thursday to Saturday, the CLARIN Annual Conference will be held in Soesterberg, the Netherlands. This conference is by invitation, and has the goal to discuss how CLARIN (Common LAnguage Resources and technology INfrastructure) can further progress an infrastructure for Digital Humanities. Martijn Kleppe and I have written an extended abstract about the difficulties of user-centred development in Digital Humanities projects, with as a research question: do humanities scholars know what they want from computational tools?

We discuss this research question based on the results of user requirements elicitation in the PoliMedia and Oral History Today projects. We have published these results on figshare here. For the extended abstract, see here (PDF). See below the presentation that I will give on Friday morning.

Maybe we should summarize our results with the following comic

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