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So here it is, the blog I have been pondering about for the past 2 years, but for which I never quite saw a use case. But, during the recent Open Access week, the use case struck me: opening up my research. With this blog, I hope to achieve two things:

1. Structure my thoughts about my own research, as well as conferences I attend, or opinions I have about the tech industry.
By forcing myself to write a summary of the key point of my research and conferences, I hope to gain a better understanding in both.

2. Open up my research, making my research Open Access.
So far, my research is described and presented in papers or presentations, which only allows me to describe the research process aftwards. Moreover, in these situations you immediately go to the results, instead of describing lessons learned from the research process itself. I hope to gain more insight in the research process, by blogging about it while in the process, allowing for critical comments.

In the experiment of blogging, I hope to also gain a better understanding in what the social web means for Open Access publishing.

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